Historical Society of Bloomfield | Photo Gallery | 1940 Know Your Town Exhibit - Industries

In June of 1940, the Know Your Town Exhibit was held at the 'new' Junior High. All the industries in town were invited to show their products. It was dubbed “Bloomfield’s own World’s Fair.” Fortunately, for us, someone had the exhibits of local industries carefully photographed. We have most of them in our archives. There were a total of 67 exhibition booths set up in the school – 31 of those were of local industries in the Gymnasium (those of you familiar with the Junior High may recognize a familiar brick pattern of the Gym walls in several of the photos). The other exhibits were of local government and civic organizations.

Industries represented included Speedgun Corporation, Scott and Bowne, Suffolk Manufacturing Co, Delco Remy, Clark Thread, Thomas Oakes & Company, Lehn & Fink, Peerless Tube, Bakelite, Smokador, Scientific Glass Apparatus, General Motors, General Electric and Westinghouse.

Mayor Harry E. Newell appointed and organized the “Know Your Town” committee. Former Mayor Charles H. Demarest was general chairman of the exhibit. It was estimated that at least 10,000 people from the town and many hundreds of others from all over the state would attend the exhibits.

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