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A friend's cabin in Fairbanks
A friend's cabin in Fairbanks
Ball Game, Havana
Base Ball Ground, Havana
Bringing on the Pilot
Carriage, Havana
Casablanca, Cuba
Cathedral, Havana
Ceiba Tree, Havana
Central Park, Havana
Dogs and Life Savor's Dory
Epsicopal Church and Hospital, Fairbanks
Esquimos camping on beach
Esquimos Iglo, Siberia
Esquimos making cribbage boards
Esquimos summer residence, Nome
Esquimos summer residence, Nome beach
F. G. Breck and pup
F. G. Breck on Beach
From Dock to Sighter, Nome
Front Street, July 4th, Nome
Going to Cuba "Nit"
Hotel Plaza, Havana
Interior Court, Havana
La Punta, Landslide, Havana
Largest log building in Fairbanks
Leaving NY for Cuba
Life-Saver's Dory
Life Boat on Davit, Cuba
Marainao Beach, Cuba
Marine 1912/3/2
Morro - from the Maleron
Obispo Street, Havana
Obispo Street Havana
Observation of Sun
Off in Lighter for Steamer
One of our sled dogs
On Steamer, Havana
On the steamer, Havana
On the way to Cuba
Patio, Presidentil Palace, Havana
Pilot Boat New York
Pilot going aboard
Pilot going aboard
Pilots boarding Steamer
Races on Front Street July 4th, Nome
Raising the Maine
Roof Tops of Havana
Stage from Valdez 350 miles, 6 days 14 hours
Stage in mid-air
Stage in mid-air
Stage in mid-air
Stone masons, Havana
Street Scene, Havana
Street Scene, Havana
Street Scene, Havana
Street Scene Havana
Street Vendor, Havana
Street Vista, Havana
The beach
The call of the wild
The Exchange, Havana
The Prado, Havana
The Prado, Havana
Tobacco Buyers in Cuba
Wading Schooner blown on Beach
Water sled

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