Historical Society of Bloomfield
The Museum of the Historical Society of Bloomfield

The Museum is located on the third floor of the Children's Library at 90 Broad Street.

The collection consists of furniture, clothing and accessories, tools, household articles, paintings, toys, posters, memorabilia, dioramas, maps, newspapers, photographs, postcards, letters, deeds, documents and books.

The Children's Library at 90 Broad Street was the Bloomfield Public Library when the photograph was taken for this postcard. The Historical Society Museum is on the third floor.

Research Requests

We can conduct individual research requests. To request research, follow the instructions in this document.

Items of special interest include

  • Cornerstone from the Daniel Dodd house, 1719
  • School Bell, 1758
  • Signed Book presented by Joseph Bloomfield
  • Ephraim Beach surveying wye level, 1823
  • Peloubet melodeon, 1855
  • Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine, 1855
  • Thomas Hughes' map of Bloomfield, 1856
  • Charles Vernon Ward oil painting, 1879
  • Hallock family crib made by John Jelliff in Newark, 1863
  • Peloubet-Pelton organ, 1885
  • Maxfield album quilt, 1886
  • Charles Warren Eaton oil painting of the Morris Canal, 1891

90 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Museum Hours
Saturday: 10:00am - 12:30pm
and by appointment