Historical Society of Bloomfield
Historical Maps of Bloomfield

1938 Sanborn Maps at the Library of Congress
1906 Mueller Atlas
1906 Sanborn Maps at the Library of Congress
1890 Robinson Atlas
1885 Sanborn Maps at the Library of Congress (5 plates)
1878* Map of Bloomfield

*Note: we are unsure of the date of this map, but we believe it is from some time between the late 1870s and early 1880s. If you find any evidence on the map that will help us pinpoint an exact date, let us know.

1865 Map of Bloomfield and Belleville

The picures of individual houses shown around the edge of the map are available in our photo gallery: Bloomfield and Belleville, 1965.

1856 Map of Bloomfield
1830 Map of Bloomfield

Map of Bloomfield about 1930, compiled by the late John Oakes about 1900 and drawn to scsle by John F. Capen, 1912, from The Mill on the Third River, by Helen Baker Cushman, 1992

Ca. 1800 Bloomfield by George Musser

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